Welcome to KidLife Colorado

holding-flowerKidLife’s (formerly known as Core Therapeutic Center) mission is to help children recognize their inner strength, empowering the child towards balance and inner peace, and to support the child in experiencing an emotional and behavioral shift in order to feel more like themselves.
KidLife’s focus is play therapy and animal assisted therapy with children. Depending on the client and the client’s needs, the modalities may be combined or utilized separately. Play therapy and animal assisted therapy are gentle approaches, both allowing the person coming to therapy to express in ways in which they are comfortable and in their own time.

children-holding-handsCurrently KidLife Offers:

  • Play Therapy for Children
  • Animal Assisted Therapy (w/ a hedgehog)
  • Parent Coaching

For a complimentary phone consultation please call Tatum at 720-470-7244. To schedule an appointment or for more information please email.

*Serving Boulder, Longmont, Nederland, Broomfield, Louisville, and surrounding areas.*

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