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Parent Coaching

I look at us as a team. While it is not necessary to have both parents involved, it is ideal. I have been lucky in my practice to attract clients who want to grow as parents. They crave becoming more aware of themselves as parents and of their children. They want to understand their children more. Whether we are talking at the end of your child’s session time or having our own parent session, my hope is that you will leave each time with more knowledge.
I offer parent coaching as a part of a child coming to play therapy and as an individual entity. During our time, I will offer insights about your child’s behavior or emotions helping you to understand what is going on, helping to increase empathy. I will also teach you tools to add to your parenting toolbox. The tools I teach come from a place of education, experience and success. Some tools build onto other tools so I teach them in similar order. Other than that, this is individual (or couple) and depends on your needs, where you are currently and seeking. I look forward to helping you and your family.


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