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By Parentshappy-family

When we first reached out to CTC (KidLife was formerly CTC), our son was being bullied. To the point of physical altercations taking place. Since then, we have seen a huge positive change in our son. He is back to the kid we remember when we lived back in the Midwest. Tatum is amazing and will forever be grateful to her and for the amazing work!!

Father of 11 year old

Our experience with Tatum has been very rewarding. Her work has allowed our child to become a more confident, independent and care free child. I believe that Tatum’s ability to see how life experiences can affect a child on a cellular level enables her to work through things “stuck” in a child that not everyone can see. In turn, this lets the emotions, experiences, etcetra that are “stuck” get worked out in therapy and can free up the child’s spirit and allow them to be a lighter and happier individual.

Mother of 7 year old

The skills my son learned and the healing he was able to do in play therapy helped our family immensely. His teacher says “he’s like a different kid.” I feel he has become more himself- less hindered by anxieties, and more able to communicate his feelings. He has a great ability to calm himself down now, and I can’t remember the last time he had a tantrum. A year ago, he was having tantrums daily, sometimes twice per day. So the impact on all of our live has been huge. I highly recommend play therapy, and Tatum in particular, to any parents concerned about their child’s behavior and emotional well-being.


Tatum gave words to my son’s feelings so he could communicate more effectively.

There is a comfort level in handling problems now.

Tatum gave my daughter coping mechanisms for stress management.

We came for our son and you have helped our entire family.

We are so very thankful and grateful to have found Tatum! She was able to help our daughter express her anxieties in appropriate ways, as well as validate her worries. She also worked with not only me, but our daughter’s school. It was comforting to know all are on the same page and build continuity in all environments. Tatum also helped me as a parent in verbalizing and modeling effective stress management skills and coping strategies. Thank you for all you’ve done and your dedication to children.


girl-jumpingBy Children

This is mine (the room). This is just for me.

You get to do this (play) All day?!

I’m going to miss playing with you.

I love coming in here.

By other Professionals

Tatum and I were co-workers at a facility in Boulder County. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and genuinely miss her expertise on a daily basis. Her patience, kindness and knowledge of children and their special needs are impeccable. Tatum has a love for children, people, hiking, skiing and just plain life that I very much envy. She is a great listener and I would highly recommend her for any of your therapy needs.

Kimberley Allen, ECE Infant Nursery Supervisor

During my personal and professional experiences with Tatum Oman, I had the opportunity to work with and learn from a woman who embodies a passionate and compassionate outlook towards serving a diversity of individuals. Her work ethic, leadership, and ability to create strong, meaningful, and powerful interpersonal relationships are vital characteristics, enabling her to truly make a difference in the field of counseling. As an individual, Tatum is constantly seeking ways to better herself and her skills. Tatum’s ability to empower herself to grow and change as an individual contributes to a therapist who is driven to utilize creative and effective methods to better and empower individuals of all ages, races, and ethnicities.

Shannon Duff, MSW

Tatum’s commitment to personal growth and wellbeing is infectious. Her perseverance towards living a balanced and healthy life has an energy of its own; as a colleague and a friend she inspires me to be a healthier, better and more compassionate version of myself.

Libby Oroza, MEd

Her congenial demeanor opens the door for change and her ability to see the good in everyone allows others to feel confident in themselves while making their way through the process of healing.

Meggan Phipps, LPC, RPT

Tatum uses her love for nature and play to connect with her peers, colleagues, and clients. She holds the uncanny ability to express her truth in a sincere and authentic matter, which solicits trust and reliability with those who come in contact with her. Tatum thrives when she is able to connect with another individual both relationally and in nature. I would recommend Tatum as a fellow play therapist in the field.

Sara Moore, LPC, Play Therapist

Perhaps what distinguishes Ms. Oman most is her zeal for knowledge and her willingness to grow, both as a counselor and as a person. Through my time with Tatum, I have found her to be a very insightful and passionate woman: (1) she has demonstrated the motivation and passion required to reach difficult populations, (2) I have witnessed and she has expressed the compassion and respect she genuinely feels for each of her clients, and (3) her inspired attitude and innate creativity have proven to be intrinsically vital to the design of programs and treatment plans to meet the unique needs of every individual client.

Dr. Kay Trotter, PhD, LPC-S, RPT-S

Tatum is dedicated to helping children heal at the deepest levels. Her knowledge about child development and how to truly facilitate a therapeutic process is a unique gift that she offers to the children and families that have the privilege of working with her.  Tatum absolutely loves the children and families she works with and they love her.

Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S

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