Spring Fun with Birds!

Spring time can be such a fun time, seeing new colors popping up everywhere, bird’s nests being created, and babies being born. Gardening and planting flowers or vegetables can be such a great grounding activity and may offer lessons about the process of helping something grow and come to life. Another fun way to help your child feel a part of springtime involves bird’s nests…how amazing would it be to look around and see your positive influence on nature!

A simple and fun project to help birds nest:


You will need:

  • a bird suet feeder
  • a few handles of colorful yarn (4-8inches in length)
  • you can add dry twigs, pine needles, or leaves as well

Simply put the yarn and other materials in the bird suet feeder and hang in a tree and voilà! Then just sit back and watch how the colors begin to appear all around woven into bird’s nests.

(For approved materials for bird’s nests please visit http://www.birds.cornell.edu/Page.aspx?pid=1144  and look under the section Nest Material)


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